How AWeber Solves Your Email Marketing Problems

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If properly operated, an email marketing campaign is a wonderful way to manage and track signups and potential new customers. Many fail to take advantage of email marketing because they find it too costly, they lack the technical expertise to design and operate the campaign, many recipients do not respond and it is difficult to grow the list. Luckily, AWeber offers solutions to these problems, and so much more, with a trial sign up of just $1.

Automatically Create Email with Aweber

With over 150 customizable templates in a variety of designs and colors, AWeber customers create effective, matching web forms and email templates that easily incorporate their logos and images in three simple steps. Newsletters and RSS to email blog posts are automatically sent at the date and time chosen by the customer. Autoresponders send messages, automatically as the name implies, at regular intervals. Customers can create personalized email for targeted subscribers. Split testing is available to try out and compare two or more versions of web forms and email broadcasts.

Manage Customers

Immediately, a custom-designed welcome email is sent to new subscribers. Automated newsletters and messages follow, and can be personalized with the subscriber’s personal information. Recipients are tracked and AWeber customers know who does and does not open a message and click specific links. Subscribers’ movements and downloads around a web page are also tracked, and they can be segmented and emails targeted for particular groups based on behavior and demographics. Growth of subscribers is tracked with detailed daily, weekly and monthly graphs.

Integrate with Other Tools

AWeber makes it easy to share on both Facebook and Twitter by allowing links to broadcast messages. New subscribers can be collected from Facebook forms, WordPress sites and blog comments, Unbounce pages and PayPal purchases. RSS to email allows for automatic broadcasts to customers. Subscriber information is provided in your Gmail account, and CRM software keeps contact information and conversations in a single place.  Open source application program interface (API) allows you to integrate your own apps into the system.

Other Benefits

This email marketing software comes with an easy setup wizard so most accounts are opened in minutes. Step by step guides walk new customers through the entire process and customer support is available 7 days a week. Since all of the dedicated hardware is owned and operated in-house, information is safe and your account is always accessible.  Affiliates receive a 30 percent commission on the activity of referred customers. With deliverability rates exceeding 99 percent, AWeber ensures that email are delivered to potential subscribers’ inboxes (not junk or spam folders). 

Mom and Pop businesses and internet companies alike benefit from effective email marketing. Bringing prospects and new customers directly to you, email marketing consistently provides a high return on investment If you don’t have a team of people with the free time to set up an email campaign, consider trying AWeber and Sign up for a $1 trial; it will be the best dollar you’ve ever spent.