Here’s an interesting question: What song or part of a song has been played more on the radio than any other in all of history? Would that be equivalent to making it the most famous song in history or should we look for some other criteria?

My first reaction to this would be the song “My City Was Gone” by the pretenders because it’s played on every Rush Limbaugh show several times a day and has been around since at least 1984. But I’m just not sure of this answer. Some of the old DJ’s that were on the radio for years, say 50 years or more, do any of them have their own theme song that they kept playing through those years?

Some brands of companies have songs associated with them like “Rhapsody in Blue” for United Airlines, but that may have been played mostly on the television and not on the radio so I guess we don’t really care exactly what medium its played on, just how many times it’s been played.

There are also a lot of commercial products that have songs associated with them, would they win this contest?

Some groups like the Mormon Tabernacle Choir have been playing for over 80 years, so do they, or other groups like them, have a theme song that could win this contest? Are their singers in other countries like Julio Iglesias, who is far more popular in the rest of the world than the United States, does one of his songs top this chart?

How about something from Michael Jackson, the Beetles, Elvis or the Rolling Stones?

How about the Theme song for Sesame Street? All the song lists that I found for “Top 100 of All Time” are too limiting to answer this question.

Are there theme songs of ancient countries, like China, Israel or Japan, that have songs played more than any other? Many of them didn’t have radio for most of their existence so maybe this isn’t a fair question but I would still like to come to some sort of consensus.

I look forward to hearing your answer below and if you have any statistics to back it up, that would even be better. I tried to search this answer on the Internet but didn’t get very satisfactory results, in fact I really couldn’t find any.

Let me know what you think.