It is my personal estimate that over 95% of all websites out there are not even close to meeting even the minimum needs required for proper search engine optimization. It may even be as high as 98%! And people wonder why they can’t be found on Google? I talk to someone almost every day about this issue.

Here’s one of the things I see that definitely needs to be looked at: functionality. Some websites are beautifully done. They’re a masterpiece of visual subtleties and intricate designs. Flash images and excellent photos adorn their pages.

But they are on page 49 in the search!

Google can’t read photographs. All it can read is text. In fact I am currently working with one customer right now who is suffering from the same problem. They hired a designer to create an elaborate webpage and so that’s what they got-something beautiful to look at and impossible to find.

This is only one of approximately 30 very specific and important areas that websites need to fulfill in order to achieve a decent ranking. I say approximately because believe it or not, every market is different. While some things are not disputable in this discussion, others are.

I recently presented a detailed website analysis to a company who had spent a lot of money on a website. They were highly suspicious of what I was able to offer them until they saw my final product. To say they were blown away is an understatement.

If you would like me to analyze your website and show you a number of things that need to be done to help it in its rankings I am offering this service to you for a $150 minimum investment (I will let you know if that will work for your site once I see it). You will receive a detailed report outlining specific areas that need to be addressed. In my previous example I found that by doing one simple thing it moved them from page 2 on Google to page 1 overnight. Doing some of the other things I suggested they will probably be in position 1, page 1 very shortly.

Do you know how valuable it is to be in position one? There is one study that suggests that someone who is in position 1 received 8 1/2 times the clicks as someone in position 5! How much would that be worth to you? And I’m not guaranteeing anything, no one really can in the world of Internet marketing. Even if they did promise something that most likely will change and need to be re-addressed soon thereafter.

But that’s the nature of the Internet. We are creating it as we go. The future of the Internet is probably far different than most of us can even imagine. Things are happening right now in the Internet world that are changing the world in more ways than one.

I believe that eventually every company that does not have a full-time person or staff to regulate the positioning of their website regarding specific key terms, will go out of business. The amount of money associated with Internet traffic has only begun to scratch the surface. Web 3.0 is just around the corner but don’t ask me to explain what it is-that’s almost impossible to do. Why? Because we are creating it as we go along.

And who can decide which direction a crowd goes anyway?

If you want to take advantage of my website analysis program just click on the PayPal logo below and send me your information along with five keywords you are trying to target. If you want to get left behind, don’t bother.

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