Throughout the years there have been several dramatic changes or shifts, even called revolutions when it comes to business and technology. One of the biggest of all times is the Gutenberg printing press which made the printed word available to everyone in a cost-effective manner. Originally the state run church sought to prevent the printing and distribution of the Lord’s word. Great men like William Tyndale were even martyred for trying to produce the Bible for all to read. Before Gutenberg’s day someone had to hire a person, a scribe to copy it word for word and it was very expensive because it took years.

Modern Printing Press far different than ones 500 years ago!

Original Gutenberg Bibles are some of the most valuable artifacts of the kind. But it was only the first of several revolutions over the next 550 years. The telescope by Galileo altered our view of the universe. The cotton gin made it possible for clothing to become less expensive. The lightbulb has had so many positive effects on our lives that it’s impossible to calculate. The railroad, telegraph, radio, motion pictures, air travel, automobiles, submarines and other naval vessels, television, space ships, satellites, computers, the Internet, cell phones, iPods and Rogaine are just a few of the major events of the last few hundred years. (Ok, I slipped that last one just to see if you were paying attention!)

But we have just witnessed another earth shattering life-changing event that, although it has received much attention, I believe most people do not realize how powerful this event really was. What I’m talking about is the new product from Apple computer called the iPad. Why do I make such a dramatic statement and rank it among those lists of life altering inventions?

Because this will have a dramatic impact on your life. Just like Gutenberg’s printing press that began to bring us out of the dark ages the iPad literally brings the world to your fingertips like nothing else. If you own a magazine or newspaper you had better wake up. If you work for a printing company that prints magazines I hope your eyes are open. If you are involved in distributing or shipping such printed products this will really change your life.

Apple iPad makes life better

Apple's iPad Alters the Universe

In the not-too-distant future just about everything that we normally receive through the mail or delivered on our doorstep in the morning will be delivered through your iPad. People Magazine, Golf Digest, your local newspaper, etc. will all be viewed and watched on this little device that fits in your purse or briefcase.

Instead of static photos, video will now be the norm. The days of a few hundred cable channels being available on your television just got replaced by millions of options on your iPad. The days of direct mail postcards are probably now numbered because direct iPad postcards are just around the corner.

I know I’m barely scratching the surface here because it’s hard to see just how far-reaching effects of this product really are going to be. But just like with what the iPod did to the music industry and the iPhone has done to the telephone or cell phone industry, the iPad will now do the same to the print, television, radio, and shipping industries. When I say shipping at really mean the Post Office. Companies like UPS or FedEx will become even more important than they already are with a product like the iPad.

So if you’re involved in any kind of advertising or marketing you need be prepared for a product like the iPad. (I personally will be really happy to not have to watch those stupid Super PoliGrip commercials during evening news!”Bye Bye Paste, No More Ooziness!”) In the last few years the Yellow Pages have taken a dramatic hit as more people have moved away from their once-useful-but-now-antiquated medium to searching online for what they need. The same will be true for the iPad. The ability to track people that are near you or your business will become paramount to your success. But you’re only going to be able to track them if they give you permission.

Your personal identity and security will be even more important than ever and I guarantee you that your freedoms will be impinged. But I’ll stop right here because it would be very easy to go down a negative path here of conspiracies and biblical prophecy. We’ll keep things on the up and up.

It is my hope that for your financial future you will recognize the impact this product is going to have on your business, work, products, life and future. If you thought you were drowning in information before, we just had the effect of a flood similar to Noah’s ark poured out upon us by one small announcement. The only ones who were saved were the ones who listened to Noah.

Better start iPad-dling!

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