Jeffrey Benjamin of Breakthrough Training

One of the local people I admire in my Reno Sparks area is Jeffrey Benjamin. His company is called “Breakthrough Training” and is committed to helping people become their best by finding out a little better about who they are and by giving them a great training program that challenges long-held personal beliefs. I’ve met several of the alumni of his training and they all have great things to say about it. It is definitely on my short list of things to do this next year.

I was recently interviewed by Jeffrey to be on his weekly radio show and below is a link to that broadcast. This was an interesting experience for me. In his office where he works he has a very nice radio and television studio with all necessary equipment that he needs. He’s truly focused about helping people become successful and he has quite a following. At every meeting that I have seen him attend there are always 30 or 40 people near him wanting to shake his hand. He has a very commanding presence but very personable the same time. He’s a take charge kind of individual who doesn’t stomp on the little people in the process.

Be sure and go to his website at or visit him on Twitter at @JeffreyBenjamin or his Facebook page This guy is a true gem.

I hope you enjoy this short interview:
Jeffrey Benjamin Kelly Smith PODCAST

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