Twitter has take over the world by storm. A hurricane in fact. But there are some things that many people do when they get on Twitter that turn others off and reduces their effectiveness on it.

If the goal of Twitter is to get the most followers, how do you do that and not become a “Twitter-Quitter” after a month of tweeting?

Here is one quick lesson: Avoid Automatic Tweeting Software!

Why? It is extremely annoying and ruins your value to the marketplace real quick. Automatic software programs are use to constantly pump out a series of quotes or tweets. This gets real old real fast. Even if you have 1000 tweets that were constantly recycled it wouldn’t take long for someone to recognize that you are doing this automatically.

It reminds me of the movie “Real Genius” that came out in 1985 (I think it was that movie, the one with Val Kilmer). This was about a college of extremely intelligent people. There was a scene in the movie where there’s a large college classroom.

The first time they showed this scene the professor stood down at the bottom near the chalkboard at his desk looking up at a few hundred students. He proceeded to teach his lesson while the students took notes.

The next time you see this scene you notice that one of the students has placed a tape recorder on the desk to record the professors teachings. The next time you see this same scene there are several students that have placed tape recorders on their desk.

Eventually it gets to the point where the professor is speaking only to a group of tape recorders. And the final scene is that the professor broadcasts his tape recorded teachings through a set of large speakers so that all of the other tape recorders will record his recording!

  • No interaction.
  • No question-and-answer period.
  • No true teaching taking place
  • Just give me the information and let me do what I want to do when I want to do it.

Twitter has become somewhat like that: A whole bunch of people with automatic messages set on autopilot thinking that everybody else is actually there. I have done tests and found out that if I have 1000 followers and send out a message, only 9 actual people were reading what I wrote at that time! Of course it depends greatly upon the time of day if those messages were sent out but you get my point.

You are not going to develop any real relationships through automatic messaging!

Set aside some time to actually be there and tweet your followers, developing relationships, reveal who you are and what you have to offer. Twitter can become extremely addictive so it is important that you set a time limit on this but I’m here to tell you is that if you spend the time and get to know the people that are following you it will work wonders.

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