You were always taught to use the right
tools for the right job, right?

I’m certain you would agree with me that it wouldn’t be a good idea to try and paint a house with a pipe wrench, cut a 2×4 with a hammer or use a caulking gun to screw in screws, right?

Then how come I see ads for plumbing, carpentry and handyman businesses on Craigslist? This is where people go to get Cheap and FREE Stuff! Your services aren’t free so don’t advertise that you are hurting for business by putting ads on Craigslist!

Almost every business I know of is crying the blues today. They all want more business. They want to keep their employees busy. They want more sales, more leads, more requests for quotes and so they turn to Craigslist for “free” advertising. But just because Craigslist is free doesn’t mean its good for your business.

Hello my name is Kelly Smith and I grew up painting signs for a living. I had painted signs since I was five years old and I have a great respect for people with talents in all sorts of industries. I know a lot of skilled trades people who have spent all their lives learning the methods and techniques necessary to provide themselves a living. I’m amazed at how good some of these people are at what they do. I think Michelangelo himself would be proud of their accomplishments.

But many of them that I know rarely use the Internet; it’s unfamiliar to them. It’s not the same as a hands-on physical creation that’s there to plan and build. So the same people that I know who are really good at what they do, avoid the Internet. It’s frightening to them. They may laugh about it and scoff a bit to hide their fear, but that fear still exists. It’s so different than what they’re used to.

In the past they would advertise their business using things like Yellow Pages, the classifieds in the paper, send out direct mail pieces or even buy a Billboard. At least these were things they can hold in their hands and knew what they were getting.

But the fact of the matter is more and more people on a daily basis are going online to search for these same businesses and services. Everything has changed. And amazingly, over 44% of all small businesses do not have a website! Yet over 82% of all searches are now done using the computer.

People use search engines like Google, Yahoo, Ask, Bing, MSN to look for these services. (I actually know a man who has never used the computer to search for something online!). What do they find when they get there? They find a list of businesses or references that the search engine thinks relates to what they typed in.

The very first window that you see in Google after you type in a phrase and hit “Return”, is called the first page search results. This is the most valuable and important place to be on the Internet and I am going to show you how to get there. There are only so many listings available on this first page (even though there may be thousands of pages), and unless you are listed here it is highly unlikely someone will call you or click on a link to your website. Hardly anyone goes past that first page.

Try this test. Go to and search for your business without using the business name. For example if you are a Plumber and lived in Reno NV, type in “reno plumbers”. Just type in your city and the type of business you are in. What do you see? Who else do you see there? Are these some of your competitors? They are advertising online and getting customers this way.

“I recently had the pleasure of attending an SEO and Marketing Seminar conducted by Kelly Smith of Kelly Smith Marketing. The information provided was relevant and I left with a better understanding about the tools and steps necessary to set up a successful marketing campaign. The expertise, experience and knowledge that Kelly has in this area makes him a powerful resource for anyone interested in driving more traffic to their business!”–Tele Raack, Reno, NV

Just remember that the whole world has changed and shifted to an online world. All the traditional mediums of advertising like Television, Radio, Newspaper, Billboards and Direct Mail have been greatly affected by the Internet. So has your business. But people still need your products and service. They haven’t disappeared, they’ve just gone online to search for them and they aren’t going to Craigslist to find you.

Let’s get your business online. Let’s get it on the first page of Google. Let me show you the tips, tricks and secrets of how to reach customers in your Local Area that are searching for you.

Just fill out the short form and set your calendar for the date. You will get some reminders as to when they will occur. Just be sure and sign up early because I only have so much room. The last thing you want is to have your competitor learn these tips and get on that first page before you do!

It is my sincere hope that I can help you in your business and help you reach your dreams, whatever they may be. Although I will do my best to get you on that first page, I cannot guarantee that it will happen. No one can guarantee it for Organic Results because of the changing nature of the internet. The only sure method for getting on page one is through PPC marketing and that depends upon several factors including: budget, quality score of landing page, competition and past PPC experience.

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