Start building your personal brand today. Have customers learn to trust you by getting to know you. Set yourself apart from all your competitors and start attracting new clients and customers. I will create a new blog for you with all the necessary plugins you need to get up and running. Once this is up and running we will begin a monthly marketing campaign to drive traffic to the site. You’ll also be able to add your own blog postings, photos, videos or anything you wish you wish to this blog.

    Set up a Blog website: $399-$699
    Hosting: $83 per year
    Email: $19.95 per month
    Write and post 10 articles for $199
    Post on Blogs and Forums: $199
    Write a Press Release and Submit it: $399
    Create a YouTube Video: $299
    Total=$1395 (not incl hosting, email or Press Release).


Its one thing to have a website or blog setup but all sites need marketing. I offer a Monthly Marketing Program for your Blog at $195-$499 (depending on service required)

Forum and Blog posting: $195per month

10 Original Articles: $199 per month

1 YouTube Video Creation and submission: $299 per month

Or combine All 3 items listed above for just $499 per month!

Also-Write a Press Release and Submit it: $399

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