Internet Marketing and Lead Generation

There is not a single company running today that cannot use more leads, more customers or more sales. The recent drop in the economy of our country and the world, has left many a company in a fairly tight situation. Of course they need more leads but they’re not sure the best way to find them. In many large corporations advertising and marketing are the first things to go which has always been perplexing to me.

Why cut off the source of future growth?

Any company who adopts this mentality is doomed until it realizes what it’s done. I know there are accountants and bean counters and boards to answer to, and at first it may look like a good decision: an instant drop of expenses of anywhere from 7 to 15%. But the question is, how are they going to replace it?

As an illustration let’s say a company spends 10% of its revenue on advertising (remember this is only an example). A $2,000,000 a year company would then spend approximately $200,000 generating new business. So by eliminating this expense how are they going to generate that $2,000,000 per year?

For a time it will seem to work. They have existing customers and top of the mind awareness at the moment. But that moment is short lived. Top of the mind awareness is obviously key to any advertising program. The next company that advertises in their market will achieve that top of the mind awareness and the customer will be gone.

In a very short time the company that eliminated its advertising budget will be far worse off and really scrambling as to what to do now.

If there was anything that should be increased during an economic downturn its the advertising and marketing budgets-especially internet marketing budgets. 

Well, enough of this analysis, let’s figure out our next step of action. You need to find leads. You need new customers. You need more sales.

Internet Marketing and Lead Generation with KELLY SMITH

Internet Marketing and Lead Generation with KELLY SMITH

My name is Kelly Smith and I created this website to introduce myself to you and share with you how I can help your company achieve its marketing goals. My story can be accessed on another page but I will just tell you shortly that I have been involved in some sort of marketing all my life.

I now focused almost exclusively on Internet marketing for companies like yours. The Internet provides the most interesting and powerful resource available to anyone seeking to do any kind of marketing: instantaneous accurate feedback.

If someone buys a yellow page ad they will know when someone calls from that ad because it usually mentioned in the conversation. But what they don’t know is how many people saw the ad. The same is true with a billboard, a radio ad, a newspaper ad or a direct mail program, etc.

Yes there are all kinds of statistics generated to try to show if you are within the “norm” of expectations regarding the program. But you don’t know exactly what is happening. That is not true with Internet marketing or advertising.

I know I’m probably preaching to the choir here but I will remind you that with powerful tracking programs you can know exactly how many people saw your advertisement, what country they live in, what state or even zip code they live in, which website they saw it on, what keywords they used to find you and even what was the resolution of their monitor be viewed on (which I’ve never really figured out why they even bother with that one!).

The fact of the matter is that you can know to the penny how much profit you have made from that Internet Marketing program and it is at least 99% accurate. There is no other method of marketing they can reach anywhere close to that statistic.

That is why I have devoted the last couple years investing in the education of what Internet marketing can do. Along the way has been an amazing journey, a fluid one with many changes and surprises.

I have found that some of the simplest things can reap millions of dollars. I have also found that many of the things promising great results, produced little.

Here’s a simple hard-nosed fact: no one in the world knows exactly how to market your business. Anybody who tells you that they do is lying. Now of course, there are some that have devoted quite a bit of time and effort to a particular market and they may know something important about it but I’m here to tell you that they still do not know 100% the best way to market your website, business, products or service.

I suppose there are a number of reasons for that but I would liken it unto going fishing in the ocean. There you have a vast almost infinite horizon of possibilities and you’re trying to narrow it down to a single school of fish. It’s impossible to fish the entire ocean it once. Everyone who has tried has gone broke.

The first thing is to determine exactly what type of fish you wish to attract. Are we going after Sardines? Dolphins? Swordfish? Octopus? Clams? Halibut? Tuna? Whales? And what exact type of any of those “fish” are the most desirable or profitable?

I have seen many a company, parenthetically speaking, rent a boat and head out into the Internet ocean loaded with bait, come back empty-handed. But unlike the traditional fishing industry where experienced fishermen can tell you exactly where to go and what type of bait to use, in our Internet ocean analogy, there is hardly anyone who knows the exact answer.

Why am I telling you this? Why am I who have created a website telling you I can help you in your business by marketing on the Internet, but then say there aren’t any experienced guides to go to?

I may not know exactly where to go to find the fish you are looking for but I know how to find out where to go. Of course we all have some idea of where to start and we will explore all of those possibilities but experience has shown that a surprise awaits you. And it’s always a fun experience.

And here’s the really interesting thing: the Internet isn’t just one thing. The Yellow Pages are (even though they are about dead now). So are billboards and direct mail pieces. But the Internet is still vastly untapped. There are many many ways to market on the Internet and MILLIONS of places to go! Once we find that “school of fish” that is your target market, we will help you pull in netloads of customers, sales and leads over and over again!

So what is the next step here? What is the next plan of action? Send me your basic information and I will contact you about how I think I can serve you best. Please be assured I’m not here to send you spam or junk mail any kind. I’m not sell your information to anyone, this is for my company’s eyes only.

I have a Masters Degree in Internet Marketing. My team is here and ready to help you increase your profits and improve your business in more ways than one. You will see what I mean as soon as you start working with us. And it also doesn’t matter whether you’re trying to reach people in a single zip code or multiple countries at once, we know how to do what is needed to find those leads and customers you are looking for.

What would your business be like if you could increase the number of new customers you have by 2%? How about 5%? How about 25%? Or even 150%? Anything is possible with the correct internet marketing campaign. We are here to help you create that campaign and although we certainly have to put in a disclaimer that we can’t promise results like that, we do promise we will do everything we can to help you reach your goals.

Thank you. I look forward to visiting with you and seeing a smile on your face knowing that this was an excellent decision in hiring our company to handle all of your Internet Marketing  promotions.

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