Every company and business I know needs more leads. They all need more sales and more people to sell to. You have purchased leads before and had mixed results. They are usually expensive and you quickly run out of money before your next batch is supposed to come in and then you are left wondering where you are going to find people to sell your products or services to.

So, In order to help businesses get off the ground (or even survive in today’s economy) in the wild world of Lead Generation, I am offering you an unusual service as a test (I may or may not continue the program at any time).

I have access to thousands of leads in these industries (and many others) that are accessible in any area of the country. Each of these leads have requested information about them and are from 2 days to 60 days old. All necessary details are included in each lead (although some may or may not include emails and you will need to follow can-spam laws if your attempt to email any of them).

    Loan Modification
    Business Opportunity
    Debt Consolidation
    Pay Day Loans
    And we continue to add more every single day!

As anyone in business knows, many of these people really need some hand holding through this difficult time in their lives to help them make a decision. Because of the time it takes to make these people feel comfortable with a loan mod specialist, or a payday loan or joining a MLM and knowing that buying leads for these types of programs can be quite prohibitive, I offer the following solution:

You pay $300 per month for 300 leads and then if any of them convert to a sale, you pay an additional $25-$300 or more (depending on the market) per sale. If you are making $500-$1200+ per sale on these programs, it would be easy to pay after you got paid, but more difficult to do so beforehand.

This will be on the honor system and you will not be constantly checked on or harassed about your sales, but be assured some checks will be made. If you have sold anyone into your program and not paid up, you will be eliminated from this leads program without any refunds of any kind and no chance to return back into it.

And this is only open to a select few individuals, and not everyone that comes by this page. I will be very selective about who gets in this program. And you have to hurry because the doors on this opportunity will close fairly quickly. I don’t have time to handle the needs of very many people, so first come first serve.

Please just subscribe to this program with the form below. Please hurry too. This will go by quickly! Don’t come back to me in a few days and ask if this is still available because it won’t be and you will have to go back buying $5, $7, $25 or more leads to find people for your business. I only have to show a few people this page and it will be gone quickly, so don’t wait, join now.

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