The most amazing things about social media is how much power it gives consumers. Never before in the history of the world has the common man been able to be heard so well. For old time marketers and designers it has become a nightmare because they cannot control the message. In fact no business today can totally control the message anymore. But the beauty of all this is that things are better.

Just look at how much things have changed since the mid-1400s when Gutenberg came out with the first Bible. The church at the time martyred some individuals because they had the nerve to copy the Bible and distribute it. This took power away from the church and the leaders. The people could read for themselves God’s word and not have to depend on somebody’s interpretation of it and their demands that you follow them.

In the past, major corporations tightly controlled their advertising message and squashed any dissent. Frankly it was very expensive to offer an opposing point of view anyway. If you wanted to complain about something you could write a letter to the editor and if you are lucky, get it printed. You tell a few of their friends about your disappointment. There are some fairly high-level examples of people who went to much greater lengths to let people know that they were disappointed with the product. Everything from buying a billboard to complaining to Congress has been tried.

But now all that has changed and the playing field has been leveled. The following video explains this in a profound way:

One of the messages of social media is that companies have to let go and forget trying to control the message. That’s a very nerve-racking thing for most businesses to think about. But I’m here to tell you that unless businesses lose that control, in the near future they will be out of business. Because if they remove people’s ability to add to the message, there will be no message. Social media is just what it says is-social. People want to take part in things, they want to add and contribute, they want to voice their opinion and tell people about their experiences. Businesses today must recognize this fundamental change that has come about because of social media.

And if they do, and if they take care of their customers, and if they listen to the consumer they will have more consumers. The message will continue to be enlarged and expanded upon. New products and services will be invented in the social media platform. Consumers will feel part of the creation of products and companies.

Recently there was a large study done regarding games and using game based marketing for companies. In this manner a game is used to teach a principle and the whole time the company’s logo or product is used as part of the game. When these things go viral it’s astounding how much advertising value they get out of it. But the most amazing part of this is the physical interaction with a product. It isn’t a passive message like television or radio where we listen to or see what they’re telling you. In the game you are playing with it. You are making it a part of your psyche. You are involving your life with that brand. This is a powerful tool and again something part of the social media platform that is changing the world.

There are so many deeply powerful aspects of social media that are only beginning to be explored, understood and implemented. Please contact me to see how we can involve your business in this amazing new technology that can explode your customer base.