Marketing Is like Exercising

Almost every day week I go to the gym to get some exercise. Since I sit at a computer all day, it’s very important for me to get exercise for my mind, my circulation and back. It hurts like crazy if I don’t exercise very regularly. I can go 3 days without exercise and I am on a stretcher! There are lots of other reasons for me to exercise too.

Everyone knows the value of getting exercise: it’s good for your heart, your brain, your lungs, your circulation, digestion, flexibility, depression, clear thinking, keeping up strength, reduction of disease, better immunity to flus and viruses, etc. etc. The list is almost endless of the benefits of daily exercise. I cannot function well if I don’t get that exercise.

What happens when people don’t get proper exercise? They get fat, lazy, they lose energy, they get sick, they get depressed, and eventually it takes an entire battalion from a fire truck to get them off the couch. It’s not a pretty picture.

But the same is true with marketing, no business survives without some form of marketing and advertising. And marketing done right can reap financial windfalls. We’re talking the Mr. Olympics of marketing when executed correctly.

What always fascinates me though, and has for over 30 years, is that marketing budgets always seem to be the first ones axed when businesses face difficulties. This has never ceased to amaze me because marketing is what brings in new jobs, customers, projects and profits but it’s the first one cut. It’s like they decided to stop exercising and expect everything to stay the same. It doesn’t work.

In the video above I mentioned that one of the things I do every day when I exercise, is to read materials or watch training videos about marketing. It’s very important to keep up with my industry because no industry in the world is changing as fast as Internet marketing. I mentioned elsewhere that I got a Masters degree in Internet marketing yet I’m auditing the same course again to keep up with new things and to re-digest the mountainous amount of information that was heaped upon me during that crazy year.

And what I am finding is more and more exciting every single day. There is just no reason for any company to not find the people who are looking for their products or services. Maybe I should reverse that statement: there’s just no reason for any person looking for particular product or service that cannot find what they’re looking for. The trick is for business to be chosen by those seeking for those products or services.

Internet marketing is like no other marketing medium in the world. I just can’t tell you how many times I’ve had this discussion with people from traditional forms of advertising, they just don’t get it. All sorts of display advertising are being bandied about everywhere you go: you hear radio ads in your car, you see ads in the newspaper in the morning, you see ads on the television during your favorite shows, you see billboards splashed all over town, posters in buildings and bus shelters, you read postcards in the mail, even ads on your grocery receipt and shopping cart all trying to get you to buy their product!

The list is almost endless in the number of ways we are attacked every single day by traditional forms of advertising. But the Internet doesn’t work that way even though everybody’s trying their best to make it work that way.

When someone goes on the Internet and has a particular problem, say, they’re trying to find a relief for gout in their feet. It’s a very painful condition (that fortunately I don’t have), but they are looking for a solution. They will type in a specific word or phrase related to this condition such as this affiliate link of mine: “gout foot pain relief“.

Now mind you, they are searching for an answer. They have come to a place that they hope to find a solution. They are targeted in their mission and they know what they want. They aren’t driving down the street, they aren’t watching TV, they are focused in their desire and want to find an answer.

The websites that show up for the search term “gout foot pain relief” are ones that they click on hoping that they have the answer they are searching for. If a business wants to be the one chosen by this customer, they need to be able to answer that request in the form that it was asked. This is a very powerful secret that for some reason, people still don’t get. That phrase “gout foot pain relief” had better be written in this exact same order somewhere on their website in order for it to be clicked on, otherwise they will go to a site that does have it in that order.

This presents a very interesting problem for the average marketer. There are lots of different search phrases that people use and finding the search phrase that will result in a sale is a talent and art that needs to be cultivated. All kinds of software programs are used and created a daily basis to provide this service.

I just gave you a dramatic secret that most people don’t realize and can save you a lot of money in your marketing and advertising efforts. There are a lot more that I can help you with to help you reach more customers, make more sales, generate more leads and increase your profits. Just give me a call at 775-722-4949. Also feel free to fill out the form to the right and I will send you a free e-book on one of the methods you can use to build your online marketing empire today.

And it doesn’t take much exercise for your fingers to do it either.