I found this posting on Craigslist from someone complaining about the low-lifes in the business world who felt he was being unfair for requesting to be paid for his work. I have actually seen quite a few posts like this in recent weeks. Its hard to say if this is a trend because of the economy or a lack of understanding on all parties involved. Business people are always trying to get things at a reduced cost.

Unfortunately I also had to sever a relationship because of this same issue. This person even asked me to work for free, not even offering anything in return for my work. The thing they would not listen to me and the advice I gave as to what they needed to do. And after 6 trips to their office, I got a whopping $300 for work on a new project. Obviously it was not an economical relationship, well maybe it was for them!

Anyway, the thing to remember is that everyone suffers when the economy is down. I have seen some mighty big companies go under in the internet marketing world and we all just have to keep our heads held high and have faith in the future.

And PLEASE vote out that bunch of idiots in Washington who are determined to destroy our constitution at all costs! The economy can easily be fixed by following the rules of economics: make it profitable to be in business! Its that simple.

OK, Kelly, back on track. Get back to the business at hand-internet marketing. Please enjoy the post below from a very frustrated and passionate individual. I’m sorry but I don’t even know his name. (I didn’t bother with a link because it won’t be there in a few weeks anyway.)

Yep, I hear you! All these people who can’t develop themselves, apparently, never stop to realize that developers are CAPABLE of building the “next big thing” on their own and earn all the profits. Problem is, we’re too busy trying to find REAL WORK from people who will INVEST in the MONTHS involved in developing a social networking site for them.

If I had a dime for every low-life cheapskate who offered “profit” sharing when their “idea” is developed in the MONTHS it takes, I’d actually be quite financially stable.

I don’t get it. These people don’t care enough about their “ideas” to see the person developing it FOR THEM live and work comfortably. How exactly does one do that when their time is expended, kids are hungry and bills are piling up?

I, too, and sick of these people. They either need to learn how to develop their ideas and reap ALL the “rewards” when it becomes bigger than all the other ideas people had and couldn’t make it work, or PAY for the time of a developer.

These morons see the end result of something like Facebook and have absolutely NO IDEA that developers don’t just wave a magic wand to create something similar, and POOF, in a couple of “weeks”, it’s miraculously done!

Hey, dreamers and “idea-weavers”: If your ideas are so great, write a business plan, get an investor to invest in YOUR IDEA, then INVEST in THE VERY DEVELOPERS who will make your “idea” come to life!

In 5, 4, 3, 2, 1…

Some “know it all” NON-Developer will contact me privately to tell me how “egotistical” I am because I expect to be paid for my time, put food on table and cover the very electric bill that keeps my PC powered. Happens all the time! These people are slave-drivers who go through life thinking we “OWE” our skills and time to them.

To the person seeking a “non-paid, passionate web designer and marketer”.

Let me get this straight: You want a “designer” to DEVELOP a social networking website for you, plus have knowledge of internet marketing, meaning, you not only want your “designer” to DEVELOP the site for you, but also market it when it’s completed, so that you can grant part ownership in a site that has the “potential” to get millions of members?

Let me ask you, something: What exactly is it that YOU plan to do for YOUR “idea” to ensure its a success? Having someone perform slave labor for you for the next SEVERAL MONTHS to DEVELOP something GREAT on a domain you’ve invested $7.99 into registering, means, among other things, you have no conception of reality. Furthermore, what you’re describing indicates that you need THREE separate professionals to rip off:


How’s that for “passionate”?