This is a funny video of a dog who attacks his own foot, thinking it is trying to steal his bone. I got this link from YouTube from a suggestion offered by my Full Sail course.

But I am including it here because I think there is a valuable lesson here. At first blush it seems rather silly for a Dog to attack his own foot. Doesn’t he know what his own feet are doing?

But if you compare this dog to a company where the parts of the dog are compared to different parts of the company, very interesting parallel arises. I presume that most people would think that the head of the dog is the president or CEO. Maybe the feet are the salespeople and the tail is the accounting department. It really doesn’t matter to me which part of the company is compared to what part of the dog.

What interests me is how many times I have seen companies fight among themselves, internally, even though they’re after the same goal.

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