All right, I’m ready for a heated discussion. I’m ready for the ration of crap that is about to be heaped upon me regarding this subject. This article may step on a few toes but something needs to be said.

Can you make money with Internet Marketing? Yes, absolutely you can. Is it easy? No, but with a little education it’s doable. With a little bit of research and a whole lot of effort, a fairly good income can be made.

Can you make money with Multilevel Marketing? You know, selling lotions potions and pills, exotic drinks, healthy chocolate, legal advice, etc? Yes you can. I have several friends that have done fairly well in the industry. I have a lot more that are no longer doing it but that is true with any business, it probably fits the 80/20 rule.

But now here’s the real question-can you mix Internet Marketing with Multilevel Marketing and make any money? I believe that for the vast majority of people the answer is an emphatic No! Now why would I say this? For one very simple reason-the two do not mix very well.

Multilevel marketing succeeds within intimate contact between individuals, relationship marketing and one-on-one communication. If a successful person shares with another his duplicatable process of success and that person follows through and follows his example, success can be had. It’s actually very simple business and I personally know some very wealthy people in multilevel marketing although they are not close friends.

Internet marketing works exactly the opposite fashion. It’s also an extremely large and broad-based business that cannot be so easily narrow down to a simple description. There are pay per click campaigns, ad campaigns, e-mail campaigns, affiliate marketing programs, article marketing, click through programs, etc. etc. But none of these are the personal one-on-one programs in multilevel marketing requires for success.

There are a number of big-time gurus and marketers who develop systems that have tried to combine the two business models together. They have a rather appealing allure in trying to convince someone to join a MLM program and marketed to the world via Internet marketing systems. Just imagine, you may have the entire world to market to! Sounds good doesn’t it?

It doesn’t work.

Let me rephrase that-it works for one type of individual: the hardcharging Type A personality who promises everyone in the world: the moon, personal attention, duplication process systems and training, etc. and then completely drops the person who joined the minute the credit card account went through!

Type-A Wins at Others Expense

Type-A Wins at Others Expense

I wish I could say that this only happened once or twice but I have to believe that the vast majority of those who have flashed their massive checks and bank account information to entice the unsuspecting masses, are more than people realize.

Everybody is searching for a way to make money online. They know it’s the future. They can see how it affects their own personal lives. Everyone is a witness to the dramatic changes taking place because of the Internet over the last 10 years, probably greater than any changes that it ever occurred in the history of the world, and they want to be a part of it.

Everybody seems to be searching for a way to make extra money and because of the recent global recession, there is a great sense of anxiety and fear in everyone’s minds. This has caused a number of people to be suckered in to joining multilevel marketing programs with the sales pitch that using the Internet will help them avoid having to sell to their family and friends and open up the world to be in their downline.

My advice is obvious in this discussion. Do not combine the two. Pick one or the other and if you choose some sort of Internet marketing program be sure and narrow it down to one highly specific area to pursue.

If you want to make money with multilevel marketing find somebody in your local area, not someone online, and ask them to show you their system. It won’t take long to find someone that proclaims that there is success in the business, but you’ll have to do some homework. Ask them for the names of people in their downline and how they succeeded. If they are telling you anything different than he is, find someone else.

If you want to find an Internet marketing program to join it’ll actually be a little bit harder search. There are so many people proclaiming successful programs with websites of Ferraris on the beach that it’s really hard to find a reputable program to follow.

The following is a link to a program with which I will make a small affiliate commission if you join but it is really the only one I can currently recommend. After spending literally thousands of dollars over the last few years on program after program I’ve thrown them all out except for this one.

My only hope is that less people will be taken in by the numerous scams and shysters that proliferate the Internet. There are so many that it’s sickening and part of the reason I’m writing this article.

Do your homework, have faith in the future and your abilities, work hard and things will work out.

You may even get that Ferrari on the Beach drinking Monavie, swallowing Usana Vitamins eating Healthy Chocolate and protected by Pre-Paid Legal all the while!