Please take a look at the testimonials from people who have worked with Kelly or attended one of his seminars. Please feel free to comment on them too if needed.

“Hi Kelly, I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciated your seminar in regards to marketing via online sources.  There is so much information, that it is hard to sort out what is important to know.  You have a great way of explaining not just the “website” matters but what works behind the website.  After all what good is a website if it can’t be found. Our one on one meeting provided some other ideas that I feel really excited about using in building my practice.  What you had to say, made more sense than what I have ran across in the past.  In addition, the links and other information you sent seems to offer a break down of steps to be done to make this manageable.  I haven’t known where to start so I have felt overwhelmed and now I feel like there is a direct and specific path instead of guessing. Thank you for all the ideas and direction!!!”- Linda Lovie

I attended Kelly’s presentation on SEO and online marketing. Kelly is the first person in a couple of years whom I’ve talked with whom I have confidence in. SEO is ever-changing and some people ride on old results as their selling point when their methods are outdated. It’s tough to pick when so many of these decisions are made digitally and not face to face. I stayed after and talked with Kelly about several things and I can say that he seems to be legitimate and sincere in his methodology and practices and also an always evolving student of the craft. SEO will continue to change and I fell confident that Kelly will keep his skills up to date. It was very interesting to hear what he had to say. (Casey Ressler

“I really enjoyed Kelly’s Internet Marketing seminar. I thought he did an excellent job of explaining a lot of things I never knew about Marketing. I am definitely making some plans regarding what he taught us today. This was really good information.” (Jake Knox, Electrician at 775-830-5424)

“I recently had the pleasure of attending an SEO and Marketing Seminar conducted by Kelly Smith of Kelly Smith Marketing. The information provided was relevant and I left with a better understanding about the tools and steps necessary to set up a successful marketing campaign. The expertise, experience and knowledge that Kelly has in this area makes him a powerful resource for anyone interested in driving more traffic to their business!”–Tele Raack, Reno, NV

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